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  • VS Cinnamon Red Hot
     Cinnamon Red Hots
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  • VS French Vanilla
    If you like a sweet vape, then...
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  • VS Grape Ape
     Grape flavor
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    VS Grape Ape

    $ 16.98
  • VS Mint Smoothie
     Mint smoothie flavor
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  • VS Mt. Dew
     Lemon-citrus flavor
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    VS Mt. Dew

    $ 7.99
  • VS Orange Pineapple
     Orange pineapple flavor
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  • VS Peachy Peach
     The peachiest of peach
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  • VS Peppermint
     Peppermint flavor
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  • VS Pomegranate
     Pomegranate flavor
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  • VS Sex On The Beach
     Flavor description coming soon!
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  • VS Smartie
     Classic smartie flavor in an eliquid
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    VS Smartie

    $ 16.98
  • VS Strawberry
     Strawberry flavor
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Best Sellers

  • Zeta Collection Compassion
    Explosion of dragon fruit, harvest berry, strawberry...
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    Zeta Vape Baker's Secret
    A sweet and creamy cake batter that...
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    Zeta Vape Batter Berry
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